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Our county deserves a fair chance. Christopher will fight every day to ensure the county advances towards seeking justice.Read on to learn about the issues at hand and what Christopher plans to do to combat them.


The Stakes Are High

Corruption Will Be Prosecuted

Chicago has often been named the “most corrupt city” in America. As your next State’s Attorney, Christopher will responsibly, fairly and thoroughly investigate all corruption, big or small, and prosecute it to the furthest extent of the law.

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For A Better Future

Reducing the violence

Chicago has also been named “the murder capital of the nation”. Cook County suffers from out-of-control gun violence that is widespread from the inner cities to the suburbs and beyond. Christopher will focus on prosecuting violent and repeat offenders to curb the gun violence and make our communities safer.

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Public Health Crisis

Implementing Steps To Reduce
The Opioid Drug Epidemic

430,000 people have died of opioid drug overdoses in the U.S. since 2000. With the public's help, Christopher will take swift action against the major perpetrators responsible for pumping these deadly drugs like heroin & fentanyl into our streets & neighborhoods.

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Second Chance Opportunity

Minimizing The Impact On
Non-Violent Offenders

Ex-­offenders deserve a second chance. Responsible for writing the “Expungement Guide” that is used in Cook County today, Christopher advocates for granting non-violent offenders a fresh start, a chance to clear their records and become productive citizens for their families and society.

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Bridging The Gap

Establishing Community Outreach Programs

Christopher has the experience to rebuild the bonds of trust to restore confidence and to 'bridge the gap' between police and residents. As State’s Attorney, he will send the 700+ prosecutors, under his direction, out to regularly meet with community leaders to rebuild strong ties and work towards breaking the code of silence.

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