1- Always “SEEK JUSTICE”!

2- I will vigorously fight crime in Cook County

3- I will target:

        • public corruption, violent felons, illegal gun possession cases, gangs, major drug dealers, and sexual assault/domestic violence cases

4- I will enforce “Zero Tolerance” on

        • violent crimes, illegal gun possession cases, and repeat violent offenders
          * These cases will be prosecuted aggressively!

5- I will prosecute those cases that deserve to be prosecuted

        • & also wisely use “deferred prosecution programs” on qualified non-violent offenders
        • to give deserving individuals a “second chance”
        • and to lessen the burden & financial drain on our overburdened criminal justice system

6- Rape Kit / DNA Analysis by Police Departments will be documented and supervised closely

        • so that swift justice will be sought and secured for rape victims

7- Politics will NEVER influence my decisions      

        • investigations and prosecutions will no longer be “buried away” just because the offender is the nephew of the Mayor or other prominent official

8- The backlog of cases ends NOW!

        • justice must be swift!
        • we need to save taxpayer money!

9- The days of “Micro-Management” and “Wasting Taxpayer Money” are OVER!

        • courtroom prosecutors will be given the discretion they need to do their jobs

10- I will establish a variety of “Community Outreach” programs* This will include regular meetings with the communities* This will also include various youth “Ambassador” programs and “Intern” programs

        • to re-build strong bonds of trust with our communities
        • to help keep our youth away from gangs and drugs
        • we will finally “LISTEN” to and work with our communities
        • and break the “Code of Silence” that exists out on the streets