Christopher E. K. Pfannkuche, an experienced prosecutor, is a Chicago native, a life-long prosecutor, teacher, and public servant. He comes from a family of teachers.

Christopher has served as a criminal prosecutor for three different government agencies: The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Macon County (IL) State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

In Cook County, Christopher served 31 years as a Criminal Prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. He served as a Trial Supervisor in the Felony Review Unit, reviewing Murder cases, police shootings, press cases, search warrants, and a variety of other felony cases, while also overseeing a team of prosecutors under him. He spent 20 years in the Felony Trial Division, litigating over 2000 felony cases, and handling over 10,000 felony cases. His misdemeanor and traffic litigation experience is also extensive. He has prosecuted a variety of violent crimes including murders, sex offenses, armed robberies, home invasions, weapons offenses, and drug offenses, as well as various misdemeanors and drunk driving offenses. Additionally, Christopher has prosecuted corrupt government employees under Official Misconduct charges, as well as a variety of financial crimes including: theft, embezzlement, insurance fraud, welfare fraud, governmental fraud, and bribery. Whether the criminal offenders were elected officials with “clout”, low level patronage workers, or the typical “street criminal”, he pursued their convictions with the highest professionalism.

In Macon County, Christopher served as Head of the Traffic Division. He reduced the traffic court case backlog by 54%, saving taxpayers money! He will do the same here in Cook County.

With the Special Independent Prosecutor’s Office, Christopher served a 1-year interim appointment as an Assistant Special Independent Prosecutor.

A Certified Teacher, Christopher’s teaching experience is also extensive. He has served as a Law School Legal Writing Instructor, a University Undergraduate Law Professor, a 12-year college instructor, a street law teacher, and a police training instructor.

Christopher has also lectured extensively to various groups through the years.

Christopher now has his own private practice law firm, just wrote and published a new book, and currently does police training programs for police departments across the county.

Christopher will bring “experience, determination, respect, integrity, and professionalism” back to the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Courtrooms in Cook County. Political “cronyism” and “favoritism” will cease immediately!

Christopher has the qualifications to win the election and get the job done right and will put the State’s Attorney’s Office back on track as a professional, highly-regarded prosecutor’s office.